We’ve all bought a new plant then watched it struggle or die in unsuitable surroundings. Avoid costly mistakes and let me design a planting scheme for you. Whether it’s revitalising an existing border, starting a new one, or redesigning the planting scheme for the entire garden, I produce original designs for plantings that will thrive in the particular conditions on your site.

The service I offer is completely bespoke; I do as much or as little as you like, so each job is different. However, as a guide, the main services I offer are listed below, and the progression through a full garden design is detailed on the Design Process pages. Planting designs can be commissioned with a garden design or separately.

Planting Plans:

A detailed, scale plan showing the location and spacing of all the plants, with a schedule summarising the new plants required.

Maintenance Schedules:

There’s no such thing as a no-maintenance garden, but a maintenance schedule will help you keep your new planting looking its best.

Plant Sourcing and Setting-Out:

Let me do the legwork for you – I can source your new plants and deliver them to site. I can also set them out in their correct positions ready for you or your landscaper to plant.