How Much Does a Design Cost?

Often the first question I am asked is, “How much will it cost?”. Unfortunately, the answer depends on what you want me to do, so I need to see the site and have a chat with you before I can give a figure. However, a guide to my fees is given below and I provide written quotations in advance of all work.

Stage 1 – Feasibility

Initial Visits:

There is a fixed fee for the initial visit, plus a charge to cover travel expenses.

Fee for initial visit: £90.00 for the first 2 hours, £30 per hour thereafter.
Travel costs: based on distance and confirmed before the meeting.
invoiced on the day of the visit

Survey, Site Analysis and Brief:

If I conduct the survey I price by job, based on the location, size and complexity of the site. A particularly large or complex garden may require a professional land surveyor.

Fee for survey, site analysis and brief: from £240.00
invoiced on the day of the survey

Stage 2 – Development of the Garden Layout

Prices for garden designs vary based on the size and complexity of the garden and brief.

Fee for concept plan: from £360.00
Fee for 3D visuals (optional): from £240.00
invoiced 50% when the brief is approved and 50% when the draft plans are presented

Stage 3 – Development of the Design Details

The prices of these services vary based on the complexity of the design. Quotations are provided when sufficient information is available. As a guide, the cost of a design (Stage 2 & 3) will generally amount to 10-15% of the construction cost.

Stage 4 – Construction

Project Monitoring:

Many designers charge project monitoring as a percentage of the construction costs. I believe it is fairer to charge by the hour, so you only pay for the time I actually spend on your project.

Fee for project monitoring: £30.00 per hour
Travel costs: £30.00 per hour
Expenses: at cost (e.g. phone calls, printing)
invoiced weekly

Supply of Plants and Other Goods:

I quote separately for supply of plants and accessories when the detailed design is approved. I have links with a number of ‘trade-only’ suppliers and can generally supply more cheaply than garden centres.

Stage 5 – Aftercare

Plant Maintenance Schedules:

The price of maintenance schedules varies depending on the complexity of the planting design.

Fee for maintenance schedule: from £100.00
50% invoiced on commission and 50% when the schedule is emailed to you

There is no charge for revisits to check on planting.

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