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I started my working life with a degree in Mathematics and went on to qualify as an Actuary during a 20-year career in Finance. Then, after a period as a full-time Mum, I took the opportunity to expand on a long-held interest in gardening and design, gaining a Distinction on the Open Learning Diploma in Garden Design from KLC School of Design in London.

I set up Sue Bell Garden Design in 2009 to offer a bespoke design service to clients in Norfolk and Suffolk. Since then I have been steadily building a portfolio of designed gardens.

Design Philosophy

I don’t impose any particular style on a garden although I aim for simple, bold layouts softened by planting. Every project and every client is different, so I approach each design with a fresh eye and no pre-conceived ideas. Your input is crucial – my aim is to help you create the garden that’s right for you – so my approach is quite collaborative and I spend time getting to know you and understanding the site.

Professional Development

The creative world of garden design may seem a world away from where I started my working life but my previous career taught me the importance of professionalism, excellent communication and attention to detail – all key skills required of a garden designer.

I consider my Diploma to be just the start of a continuous process of learning and development, so I visit shows and gardens for inspiration and regularly attend workshops and study days.